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Commutator Manufacturer Gujarat
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Application For  Mining
Application For Mining
Application For Mining
Application For Mining

Application For Mining

There are various types of DC Motors used in the mining sector. From Heavy Drill motor, Shovel motor, Wheel motor, Drug line motor, Swing motor and Swing generator used in any mining Industries. We services the after -market build requirements for any type of commutator required.
We have rebuilt & repaired commutators for Hitechi, ABB, BHEL, GE (General Electric ), Westinghouse, Kirlosker, English Electric Co. UK, Mitsubishi and other manufacturers of DC motors.


Traction Motors And  Transit Application

Traction Motors And Transit Application

Our capability in the  transit sector extends to any DC traction motor application. Whether the requirement is for subway systems, overhead cable systems, streetcars, or new forms of mass transit, DOLPHIN ELECTRIC (INDIA) is your one source for all your commutator needs.


Pulp And Paper

Pulp And Paper

Where-ever there are DC motors.There's a need for commutators. Whether it's in the field or in the plant. We can meet all type of the requirements to get your machinery back into being productive.
We do aftermarket rebuilds and reverse engineered commutators for the Pulp & Paper industries.


Other Application

Other Application

Almost anywhere thet there is a DC motor or generator, you'll find a commutator. Dolphin Electric (India) specializes in both large applications like steel Mills or Paper Mills requiring commutators from 50mm in diameter to 2500mm in diameter commutators.

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Product Range
Moulded Commutator
Traction Commutator
Industrial Solid Riser
Industrial Flexible Riser
Application For Mining
Traction Motors And  
Transit Application
Pulp And Paper
Other Application
Application For Steel

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